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 Manufacturers of Invented "Auto Effluent Water Treatment Machine" 
Patentee Y. Jahir Hussain
  Recognized and Approved by Ministry of Environment and Forest & Dept. of Science and Technology,  Govt. of India.                                 


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            Our Product of “Auto Effluent Water Treatment Machine” designed especially for Small and Tiny Industries of Textile, Leather and for Domestic Sectors. Generally, Industries use various chemicals and also consumes large amount of water in every process. The effluent water produced by these industries contains toxic substances which are harmful to the environment and Human Health. 

               According to the Government Rules, industries should treat the effluent water before leaving it to the land or should follow Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technique. This Effluent Water Treatment accomplishes through Individual Effluent Treatment Plant (IETP) or using Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP). As per the rule, the wastewater will be collected from many industries such as Textile Dyeing Industries, Leather Industries etc..., and accomplish effluent water treatment through Pre-Treatment, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary stages of water Treatment Technologies. 

             Although the effluent water treatment is possible, most of the Small and Tiny Industries could not be benefited by the IETP and CETP plants, because the industries should be moved nearer the CETP and small and Tiny Dyeing Industries should contribute minimum 50 % of the Total effluent water Quantity for the hydraulic load purpose. As, the IETP and CETP occupy a large space as it needs more than 6 tanks and other filtration units to treat the effluent water the nonprofit Capital Expenditure is also High. 

 Auto Effluent Water Treatment machine:

          This is an invented solution for the small and tiny industries water treatment problems as it will perform the water treatment processes same as CETP and IETP but in a two tanks and the entire process will be controlled by the automation electronic panel with the help of various sensors which helps the small and tiny industries to operate the treatment machine by themselves and also reduce the amount of water treatment unit space.

         Most of the Indian small and tiny dyeing industries discharging effluent water range could not be more than 10 to 100 k.l.d per day. CETP and IETP is suitable for the industries above 100 k.l.d. so practically, water treatment is necessitate and profitable but below 100 k.l.d our product could be a appropriate model. 

        We designed the machine as versatile to every range of customers of technicians and non technical persons too as most of the indian small and tiny industries are operated by uneducated experts as the entire process controlled by automation electronic panel which performs the treatment process based on effluent water characteristics using sensors.

    Based on the customers sample waste water characteristics, the water treatment machine’s treatment technologies, processing time period programming will be designed.

This product was recognized and approved by various central and state government departments.

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WHY US?????

         Our Product could be a better solution for small Scale Industries whereas Every Industries, cannot own the place and Some Industries   were operating in Rental Area especially Small Scale Industries and investing high Capital Cost on Water Treatment Plant in a     rental place is not easy. 

        • For treating the small quantity of effluent water, there is no solution yet; for them our product could be a better solution.

         • In India, Large and Medium Scale Dyeing Industries can treat their output effluents using Common Effluent Treatment Plant whereas   Small Scale Industries still cannot afford this CETP due to its low output effluent.

          • It is a mechanical construction so there is no need to dig the land for Installation.

          • Easy to Maintain even by a Non Technical persons.

• In India, Small and tiny industries is using a billons of water for Processing. Therefore, if we provide a better solution for them we   can save our groundwater by recycling and reusing the Water.

Implemented Water Treatment Technologies

  • Advanced Oxidation Process.
  • Coagulation, Flocculation

  • UV Disinfection.
  • Electro Oxidation
  • Filtration using R.O and Membranes with Neutralization, Dechlorination Processes
  • These processes will be performed using our invented designed Process tank of Two…
  • Based on the Effluent Water Characteristics, the treatment technologies and processing period may vary.

Special Features

  • We designed this machine especially for Small and Tiny Industries in India.
  • Industries include Textiles, Hotels, Leather factories and Mini Apartment, Colleges, Residencies Waste water Treatment occurs   based on the water characteristics.
  • Our Product, just simplify the treatment technologies to operate by Non Technicians too.
  • While Water Treatment, the dosage of chemicals will be controlled using Sensors so it makes the treatment process easier.
  • The Treatment stages may vary based on the water parameters of BOD, COD, TSS, pH, TDS, Alkalinity, Chlorine, Nitrogen and other Inorganic compounds.
  • We can perform both Water Treatment and Recycling Processes.
  • Can set up this machine even in a terrace and performs the operation.

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