Almighty Research and Pollution Control Machineries Private Limited...,   
 Manufacturers of Invented "Auto Effluent Water Treatment Machine" 
Patentee Y. Jahir Hussain
  Recognized and Approved by Ministry of Environment and Forest & Dept. of Science and Technology,  Govt. of India.                                 


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About us

We established a Company of “Almighty Research and Pollution Control Machineries Private limited” (ARPC Pvt. Ltd) in 2015 with the objective of commercialize our patent technology Worldwide especially in Indian Small and Tiny Scale Industries.

Our main objective is to make the water treatment Technologies versatile even to the Non technicians. So, we designed a “Auto Effluent Water Treatment machine” with the Support of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India. After a Successful completion of Prototype Demonstration to the DSIR Organized Scientists We start up a Company for Commercialization. 

ARPC Pvt. Ltd, doing researches on implement this product in various Industries than Textile. For Now, we can implement this Product in Residence, Mini Apartments, and other Industries too. Based on the Effluent Water Characteristics the Treatment Technologies and Processing Timings may change but operates within two process tank. 

As we are aiming to commercialize mainly in Indian Small and Tiny Industries, We plan to manufacture the Product for treating the effluent water from the range of 1 K.L.D to 100 K.L.D per Day in an affordable cost. We are ready to help our Indian Customers as it is possible get subsidy on Pollution Control Machineries Utilization.

Besides the Manufacturing and Marketing of our Product, we are eager to make this usable in Worldwide we were ready to share our technology under Patent Technology Transfer Rights and looking for distributing partners too. 

For Whom????

       We designed a Water Treatment Machine for Indian Small and Tiny Industries as they don’t have any balanced solution. So they drain the effluent water in Rivers and Open Spaces indirectly which could lead the Central and State government organizations to cancel the licenses, Power Disconnection, Building Demolition of Industries. 

     So, we planned to provide a solution which could be a better Solution for Small and Tiny Dyeing Industries through our Invented Technology Machine.

Uniqueness of our Product

Water Treatment Plants are available for treating home, community and industrial sewage have been known for a long time. Commonly, Sewage treatment Plants are permanently installed as a rule, the waste water first runs through a pretreatment Stage, then a primary, secondary treatment stages and finally a re treatment stage based on effluent water characteristics whereas these plants occupies a larger space. 

But, our Product machine also treats the effluent water similar to the other effluent treatment plants within two tanks which reduce the space occupancy and easy to mobilize to any industries and treats the effluent water based on water characteristics as per the automation programming. 

For Further Details 
Please Contact: 

Mr. Y. Jahir Hussain

Managing Director,

Almighty Research and Pollution Control Machineries Private Limited..,              Email: [email protected]

38, Thasilthar Pallivasal Street, Jamath Building II Floor,                                    Tel: 0452 - 4367784

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