Almighty Research and Pollution Control Machineries Private Limited...,   
 Manufacturers of Invented "Auto Effluent Water Treatment Machine" 
Patentee Y. Jahir Hussain
  Recognized and Approved by Ministry of Environment and Forest & Dept. of Science and Technology,  Govt. of India.                                 


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           Welcome to Almighty Research and Pollution                               Control Machineries Private Limited...,

Are you planning to Install Water Treatment Unit????

Congratulations…! You Made a Good Decision…!

First, We Appreciate Your Thought as it will protect not only the Environment
but also you and your future Generation. 

"Recycling or Treating your Waste water is same as planting Trees in your Surroundings…"

But, why are you hesitate???

Are you worried about the required space and cost of Water Treatment Plant? 
Still, Most of the Small and Tiny Industries were still struggling to install this water treatment plant as it requires larger amount of space for installation and High Non Profit Capital Cost. 


Every Problem has a Solution in this World and for yours too. We are really glad and grateful to provide a BETTER SOLUTION to your WATER TREATMENT PROBLEMS through our Invented “AUTO EFFLUENT WATER TREATMENT MACHINE”. 

Yes, it is a Machine for Treating the Effluent Water as similar to effluent treatment Plant.

Who we are???

       We started a company in 2015 to manufacture and Marketing the Auto Effluent water Treatment Machines for both Industries and Domestic sectors for treating their effluent water in a simple way and we are Proud to introduce our Innovative Product of Effluent water Treatment Machine which is completely different from the other water treatment plants. 

       Our Product is an Innovated Patent Technology machine which helps to treat the effluent water similar to Effluent treatment Plant using Two Process tanks only. 

How our Product could be a Better Solution????

          Our Product of “Auto Effluent Water Treatment Machine” Treats the Effluent water of Industries or Domestic Sectors as same as other Effluent Treatment Plants But using Two Process Tanks which helps to reduce the amount of Space used in effluent treatment Plants. 

Our Product not only reduces the Space but also simplify the Water Treatment methodologies through an Electronic automation Panel so that the end – users can operate this machine by themselves without much effort.

          In Every Treatment Plants, Water Treatment happens in Pre Treatment, Primary, Secondary and Re treatment Stages with the help of Minimum 5 tanks along with other Filtration Sections. 

In the Same way, our Treatment machine can also performs accomplish every stages of Treatment within a Two Process Tank and it also contains Filtration section on Iron Bed Frame in which the Process Tanks were Placed on top of the Bed Frame as shown in this Picture.

         Since, the machine is built on the bed Frame we can also mobilize this machine from one place to another as similar to any other machine as it is a Mechanical Construction. 

For Further Details 
Please Contact: 

Mr. Y. Jahir Hussain

Managing Director,

Almighty Research and Pollution Control Machineries Private Limited..,              Email: [email protected]

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